Brief History of Rhiconich Beagles


We first qualified to show at Crufts 1995 and have many times since then.

Visiting Times

We only allow visiting via appointment. Please get in touch with us to arrange any viewings.

Our history

  • 1994Cocker Spaniel Cindy

    After the loss of our Cocker Spaniel Cindy we were not to have another dog…only a few months later because she had left a big hole in our family we decided we would get a Beagle in fact 2. We were able to find breeders Eleanor and Frank Bothwell who then lived near Ayr and were due to have a litter in the not to distant future.
  • 1995Misty & Jodie

    We were allowed to have Norcis Star Turn – Misty – and Eleanor put us in touch with Colin and Denise Ashmore in Lincolnshire who sold us Buttermere Truelass – Jodi – a month later. My first venture into the show ring was with Misty in August 1995 at SKC when there were still CC’s awarded for the breed at that show….Misty was first in MPB and had qualified for Crufts…..Hooked.
  • 1998First Litter

    I bred my first litter in 1998 from Misty.
  • 1999First Judging

    1999 saw my first venture into judging and now I am currently on The Kennel Club A1 Judging List.